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Living Called

in Korca Albania


What "Living Called" means for us.

What does it mean to live called. It means to live in a way were we always listen to God's direction. It means using our gifts and talents to further God's kingdom. We work with high-school and university students in Korca. We run the only functioning student center in ou city, Our goal is to make disciples of Christ and to share the hope we have in Jesus.    We are partnered with IFES (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship).


About Albania


Albania is located in the Balkans just north of Greece. Albania borders MontenegroKosovoNorth Macedonia, and Greece. Italy lies just to the west across the Adriatic Sea. The country has a lot of raw beauty. The coast along the Adriatic is very similar to the Greek coast, there are plenty of olive groves, and ruggedly beautiful mountains.


Albania has a rich history. It saw many different empires come and go. It spent 500 years under Turkish rule. Shortly after throwing off Turkish rule, it became swallowed by the U.S.S.R. which introduced the nation to communism. Communism crushed the nation for the greater part of a century, finally being overthrown in the early 90's. The nation then went through upheavals and civil unrest for the next ten years. Now Albania is making great strides forward and is striving to join the E.U.


During communism, religion was outlawed. But now that communism is gone, the nation has seen a return of religion. The largest religion in Albania is Islam. The second largest religious is Atheism/Agnosticism. The third largest is Greek Orthodoxy. The religions all tend to treat each other with respect and kindness.

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Ways We Serve

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Student Center Ministry

We have recently opened a place called the Korca Student Center. It is a mix between a café, a makers space, and a university student life center. We want to create a fun and safe place for students to come and hang out at any time. There are not a lot of activities or places to hang out for youth in our city. We organize various group activities like biking, hiking, laser tag, and futbol teams. We have weekly bible studies through the school year. We also have a café on the first floor with all the standard coffee items but we also sell have ice-cream and sandwiches. The proceeds go towards making the center self sustaining which is important in helping create a long lasting ministry here. On the second floor we have a large place to host student art activities with some very interesting local partners. On the second floor we also have a makers space with 3d printers, laser cutter/engraver, and robotics courses. Our VEX V5 course is the first of it's kind in Albania. and we will be posting more on it in the future.

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Student Bible Study and Worship Nights

We have a weekly meeting for university students where we study the Bible and help them apply it to their daily lives. Our university group is partnered with International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), which connects us with other university groups in Albania. Several times a year the groups come together for conferences. This connects students with other believing students around Albania.

It is truly our passion to share our lives with these youths and young adults. 

We believe that our lives are testimonies to the truths we profess and are tools to show the power and goodness of God.

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