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The Full Story


In July 2023 we realized a dream that began somewhere around 3 -5 years prior. This dream was to create a center in Korca for students. The center is a multifunctional space with four main focuses: growing community through fellowship, deepening faith, and engaging with the culture through education and cultural activities, 

The Center

Our first floor is a multipurpose space with a fully functioning café; a requirement here in the Balkans! Our goal is for people to feel at home here. Whether stopping in to have a coffee with friends, playing board games in the evening, grabbing a quick bite for lunch between classes, or doing some homework.

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Developing community throught fellowship

As the only student organization in Korca we strive to help students start various groups, biking groups, hiking trips, board games groups, film nights with discussion groups, 

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Grow faith

IWe have a weekly worship night and bible-study through school year. helping students learn about God and how to apply His word to our daily lives. In addition to being intentional with conversations over coffee,

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